A Hero

Last year, my uncle left for Afghanistan. He spent almost 10 months training and rotating in and out of stations he only had one week of leave. When he came home his enrollment expired. Despite everyone’s expectations he reenrolled. He said, “My country’s worth it.”

Murder on the Orient Express

                      Hercule Poirot was visiting Syria and while staying at the Tokatlian Hotel, he receives a telegram from London saying he needs to come out immediately because they’d made a breakthrough in the case. His train is switched to the  Simplon Orient. While at dinner that night he runs into a friend, M. Bouc. They find out both are scheduled to leave on that same train.

                   That night the Orient Express is boarded.


At about 1, I’m goin on the JDRF Walk for juvenial diabetes with my dad!!  I went last year too. If anyone wants to come I think it’s meeting in front of Target and Barnes and Nobles. It’s about 3 miles long and they have drink stops at every mile.

soccer game

well we lost 2-0 🙁 o well i got hurt a lot and thanks to charlie i got hit in the face with a soccerball twice!!!! (yall prob dont know him) yeah so i stayed home from school  today because my head hurts really bad and so does my ankle and i cant move it thats bad right?!?! (there was this big guy on the other team and we both tried to kick the ball and our legs kinda locked and it hurt really bad!!)